Lk-Rich participated The China International Rubber Industrial Expo
American tire manufacturer visited our industrial park.
Lk-Rich participated The China International Rubber Industrial Expo
American tire manufacturer visited our industrial park.
The 6th China(Guangrao) International Rubber Tire & Auto Accesory Exhibition
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  • Thailand is the largest producer and exporter of natural rubber. We produced more than 3 million ton per year
  • Consistency in quantity and quality of Natural Rubber supply
  • Synergy of supply value chain of tire reinforcing materials, fabric, anti-degradants, curatives, adhesion promoters,and tire moulding and production machinery
  • Better assurance of cost competitiveness and cost efficiency
  • Improved quality of finished goods and services
  • Support services of certification, testing, and R&D center
  • Thailand has huge amount of planting and exporting natural rubber with high capability and ability for competition(especially, SRS)
  • Thailand has increase trend for expansion of automobile industry in ASEAN, China, and India, effect to raise demand for rubber
  • Existing Free Trade Agreement with other countries outside ASEAN Economic Community
  • Thailand has a stable and dependable electricity generating system that provide power at reasonable price.
  • The Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA) is provided water supply to serve for agriculture, residential use,and industrial use.
  • Thailand's telecommunication services are at an international standard. Fixed telephones lines, mobile telephones,dial-up internet, and ADSL broadband are all available.
  • Thailand has a coastline of 3,219 km. with over 4,000 km. of waterways. Ports include Bangkok, Laem Chabang commercial ports), Map Ta Phut (Industrial ports), Ranong, Phuket, Songkhla, Sattahip, and Si Racha
  • Thailand has 3 international airports which consist of Suvarnabhumi Airport (a regional aviation hub), Phuket International Airport (Southern of Thailand), Chiang Mai International Airport (the gateway to Northern of Thailand)
  • The Department of Highways continues to improve and expand the nations roadways. The signing of the Asian Highway Agreement on April 26, 2004 strengthened Thailand's connection to the rest of the world for land-based trade and transportation.
  • Exemption of import duties on machinery
  • Corporate income tax exemption for 8 years
  • 50% reduction of corporate income tax (5 years after the exemption period)
  • Exemption of import duty on raw or essential materials used in manufacturing of export products
  • Double deduction of transportation, electricity, and water costs for 10 years
  • 25% deduction from net profit of the project infrastructure installation construction costs
  • 75% reduction of import duties on raw or essential materials used in manufacturing products for domestic scale(5 years with yearly approval)
  • IEAT provides industrial operators (LK-RICH) in a General Industrial Zone with comprehensive services essential for industrial operation – such as training centers and clinics, transportation, warehouses – as well as permission to own land required for their operations
  • Non-Tax privileges for operators in GIZ
    • The right to own land in an industrial estate
    • The right to bring in foreign skilled workers as well as their spouses or dependents
    • The right to remit money abroad
• Bangkok205 km.
• Suvarnabhumi International Airport175 km.
• U-Tapao International deep sea port90 km.
• Pattaya City80 km..
• Leam Chabang deep sea port80 km.
• Map Ta Phut deep sea port25 km.
• Am-per Muang Rayong20 km.
  • Capacity of power supply up to over 100 MW
  • Steam supply capacity of up to 320 ton/hr
  • Water Reservoir storage capacity over 3,800,000 cubic metres
  • Workmen quarters and housing for more than 20,000 workers are being planned concurrently
  • "workmen village" as a self-contained town within walking/ cycling distance to LK-RICH
  • WiFi Zone for the entire of LK-RICH
  • Residential/ Condominium/ worker dormitory
  • Convenient stores/ complex/ shopping mall
  • Public park/ refreshing area
  • Warehouse support/ Logistic support
  • IEAT Office/ Commercial office/ Management office
  • Natural Rubber processing technology & innovation research in collaboration with Rubber Research Institute of Thailand
  • Sustainable industrial development based on the balance of the economy, environment, and society.
  • Reducing the use of resources and energy or minimizing waste emissions while maximizing production capacity
  • LK-RICH covers 2442 Rai (390.56 ha) of land on natural ground
  • More than 25% of total land area is designated for Green , Social and Public uses; more than 70% is for Industrial use.
  • The industrial estate is located on natural high ground, average 25 m. above sea level, in Rayong province where there is no recorded of flooding.
Eco Industrial Estate & Networks refer to a sustainable industrial development based on the balance of the economy, the environment, society, legal compliance and technological possibilities by
  • Reducing the use of resources and energy or using them efficiently as well as minimizing waste emissions while maximizing production capacity
  • Being a part of and being accepted by the surrounding community in order to enhance the quality of life of the people within the community and the environment as a whole
  • Cooperation between industry operators, industrial estate developers, local government authority and the community to create common benefit
  • Efficiency use of natural resources/ energy
  • Reduce waste and pollution
  • Decrease waste to landfill
  • Energy saving
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce the use of toxic chemicals, respectively
Community, Society
  • Expansion of local business
  • Create a new job and career from new business
  • Opportunity for career and education
  • Reduce effective of environment to community
  • Have a good health & mind
  • Companies, factories that have good responsibility and attitude to public
  • The pride of the community
Industry, Companies, Business, Economy
  • "Recycle" policy make decrease cost of doing business, reducing production cost, and optimize the use of raw materials and energy
  • Expansion of waste business
  • Improve environment's control
  • Create brand's image
  • Cooperate with other factories to manage waste elimination, react emergency case, environmental information, training, procurement system, etc.
  • Operating in compliance of all relevant laws and regulations, especially in the areas of environment, safety, occupational health and energy
  • Possessing an efficient environment management system, international labor standards, and use of environment management tools
  • Showing a sustainable development and operations in all five aspects and 22 areas that are inter-connected and support one another